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We Believe That The BIBLE Is The Infallible Word of GOD
We Believe That The BIBLE Is The Infallible Word of GOD
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~ Pastor's Encouraging Words ~
SPIDERS... Part-1
Reference Verse:
Proverbs 30:28
(New King James Version)
   I have six things I would like to share with you over this six week series. It has to do with spiders. I know it sounds crazy, but we can learn a lot about God from the spider. You will be amazed I guarantee it.  Let me know your thoughts.  Here is part-1 of:
  "The spider is fully equipt"

   Everything a spider needs to survive and succeed in life, God put within it. Swipe it with a broom and before it hits the ground, its fall is broken. It just reaches inside, releases another protein-filled silk-like thread, slides down, finds a safe place, then comes back stronger than ever and builds a new web. What's the message of the Spider?  Everything you need, God has placed within you!  The Bible says, "His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness... he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature" (2 Peter 1:3-4).

   What has God given us? "Everything we need." What has God made us participants in?  "His divine nature".  Wow!  Your future is not determined by who you know and who you don't, who likes you and who doesn't. The power to fulfill your destiny is within you!  The warfare over your life and the struggle you're in, is about what you were born, called and gifted to do. So, "Stir of God...that is within you" (2 Timothy 1:6).
In other words -- start producing!

   Life may have knocked you down, but it hasn't knocked you out. What's at work within you will triumph over what's at work around you. Stand on God's word, draw on your faith, hold on, and when the smoke clears, rise up and announce, "By the grace of God, I'm back! " You say, "But I've lost so much." As long as you still have what God put within you, you can make it!

SPIDERS:    Part 2
"A spider and her eggs".

Have a great week!  - See you Sunday!

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