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We Believe That The BIBLE Is The Infallible Word of GOD
We Believe That The BIBLE Is The Infallible Word of GOD
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~ Pastor's Encouraging Words ~

  "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."
James 4:8

  The story's told of a bulldog and a poodle who were arguing one day. The bulldog was making fun of the poodle, calling him a weak little runt who couldn't do anything. The bulldog said, "I challenge you to a contest. Let's see who can open the back door of their house the fastest to get inside."
  The bulldog was thinking he would turn the door knob with his powerful jaws, while the poodle was too small to even reach the knob of his back door. But to the bulldog's surprise the poodle said, "I can get inside my house faster than you can. I accept your challenge."

   So with the poodle watching, the bulldog ran to the back door of his house and jumped up to the door knob.  He got his teeth and paws around it and tried to turn it, but he couldn't get enough grip on the knob to do it, so he finally quit in exhaustion.

   Now it was the poodle's turn. He just did what he'd been doing every day for several years.  He went up to the door and scratched a couple of times, then waited patiently. Within a few seconds his master not only opened the door, but picked him up in his arms, patted him on the head affectionately and carried him inside.

- The difference was in the relationship -

Some of us are bulldog Christians. It's all grunting, growling,
and working to try and please God.
All God asks us to do is...
"Draw near to Him and He will draw near to us."

The moral of this story is:
If you want things to go better than they are, get closer to God!

Come to church and learn how to become closer to God.

See you there!
Love Pastor Steve.

God bless all of you - See you Sunday!

Pastor Steve Haynes
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