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We Believe That The BIBLE Is The Infallible Word of GOD
We Believe That The BIBLE Is The Infallible Word of GOD
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Current Bible Study:
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
The Book of

Always on Thursday Evening at 6pm

Overview of the Book of Phillippians:

  "The word happiness evokes visions of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, strolling hand and hand with the one you love, being surprised on your birthday, responding with unbridled laughter to a comedian, or vacationing in an exotic locale.
        Everyone wants to be happy; we make chasing this elusive ideal a lifelong pursuit. Now if our happiness depends on things then what happens when the toys rust, loved ones die, health deteriorates, money is stolen, and the party's over?

Often happiness flees and despair sets in.

In contrast to happiness stands Joy.

        Running deeper and stronger, joy is the quiet, confident assurance of God's love and work in our lives--that He will be there no matter what!

Happiness depends on happenings...
but Joy depends on Christ.

      Philippians is a book of joy because it emphasizes the real joy of Christian life. Paul wrote in chapter "Rejoice in the Lord always".
I will say it again:    "Rejoice!"

   Paul found great joy in getting to know his Lord and even participating in His sufferings.  May we share Paul's aspiration and seek to know Jesus Christ more and more. Rejoice with Paul in the book of Philippians, and rededicate yourself to finding joy in Christ.

Next Bible Study Dates:
Nov 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

Overview explanation of
the Book of PROVERBS

  "Woven into human fabric is the desire to learn and understand. Our mind sets us apart from animals, and we analyze, conceptualize, theorize, discuss, and debate everything from science to the supernatural. We build schools, institutes, and universities, where learned professors can teach us about the world and about life.

  The wisest man who ever lived, Solomon, left us a legacy of written wisdom in three Biblical volumes:  Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon. In these books, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he gives practical insights and guidelines for life.

The Book of Proverbs
is a collection of these wise statements.

  A proverb is a short, concise sentence the conveys moral truth. The main theme of proverbs, as we might expect, is the nature of true wisdom.  Prov. 1:7
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
but fools despise wisdom and instruction".
Proverbs covers a wide range of topics, including:

Youth and discipline - family life - self'control - resisting temptation - business matters - words and the tongue - knowing God - marriage - seeking truth - wealth and poverty - immorality, and, of course, wisdom.

These proverbs contain a holy mixture of common sense
and timely warnings.
Although thay are not meant to teach doctrine, a person who follows their advice will walk closely with God.

  The word proverb comes from a Hebrew word
that means
"to rule or to govern"
These sayings, reminders, and admonitions provide
profound advice for governing our lives.

As you read proverbs, understand that
knowing God is the key to wisdom.

Listen to the thoughts and lessons
from the world's wisest man...

Don't just read these proverbs
Apply these truths to you life...