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We Believe That The BIBLE Is The Infallible Word of GOD
We Believe That The BIBLE Is The Infallible Word of GOD
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- 4 Part Series -

Scripture Referrence
Genesis 2:8

What Does It Mean To Plant?
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Pastor Steve Haynes
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   What does it mean to plant? - To bury seeds beyond human view so that they germinate and eventually produce fruit.

   In God's plan for your life, He's planted blessings you experience over time.  Just because you walk out into a field and don't see a crop, doesn't mean that the seeds aren't there; God has planted things in your life that will come to fruition at different times.

   It's amazing that God would plant. Why would He go to so much trouble when He could just speak a word and create it? Think of the love, the personal involvement of the Creator of the universe, as He stoops down and plants a blessing to come up at different seasons in your life.

   Everything God has for you hasn't come up yet, so you can't give up yet, or walk away and say, "That's all there is."  No, God's got some stuff planted that you haven't seen or experienced.  You're still becoming what He planted. Knowing that reinforces your faith that it will happen. It also means that God believes in you--even when you don't believe in yourself.
There are talents in you that haven't been discovered and dreams that haven't been fulfilled. That's what the battle is about!

  The Devil is fighting you over your destiny. he knows what's planted in you and he's trying to kill the seed. don't let him. you're not the person you'll be in six months or six years from now, because there's a time factor; everything doesn't come to harvest at the same time.

You have to have faith and patience
otherwise you'll miss what God has for you.